Democracy 4 – Financial Crisis? (UK)

Following on from our first term of office, Democracy 4 – Financial Crisis charts our second term after our initial success where the UK did tax AND elect! If you haven’t already seen it, go and take a look!

As we move into term 2 we think ‘job done’ as far as the deficit is concerned and move on to other priorities. However, things are never that simple are they?

We’re popular, but just like in 2009, is it even possible to secure another electoral victory when the economy starts tanking? Is it possible to still be popular if the major policy of your first term lies in tatters? Surely the deficit cannot grow to be even worse than it was before? Is it even our fault?

Take a look for yourself and be the judge! Find out if we are crashing the economy or if the global economy is meltdown.

Don’t forget to LIKE and comment with your thoughts below. Enjoy!

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