How to Create a YouTube Project in Hitfilm Express

Got some spare time on your hands this bank holiday thanks to the ‘Platty Joobs’? Thanks, James OB (for the saying, not the Jubilee)!

Not interested in parading around today? Why not learn a new skill and throw up a new viral video on YouTube? Not bad for a day off, right?

Learn how to create a YouTube Project in Hitfilm Express so that you have the perfect setup and premium quality for your YouTube video.

We guide you from the main menu on creating your project that’s suitable for YouTube to help you navigate between the oft-confusing settings and show you how presets specifically designed for YouTube are there to make your life a lot easier.

We then quickly point out some key UI features and common mistakes that sometimes take HOURS to figure out on your own so that you can get that first video out ASAP!

The next six minutes will literally super-charge your editing journey so make sure you don’t skip out and miss out on your first amazing Hitfilm Express production!

Why not give your first video a boost and share a link below in the comments! Happy Platinum Jubilee!

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