Tired of Searching for Vouchers and Coupons? Answer: Honey!

So, you definitely want to get the best deal – but the experience of trawling the Internet for a couple of hours and only finding a couple of pounds off – or even worse, nothing – is infuriating to say the least.

All those voucher sites, all those dead voucher codes or all those codes that have such onerous terms and conditions that you just don’t feel it’s worth it. After all, giving up your first born for 0.25% off your next furniture order doesn’t cut it for many people.

This is where Honey comes in!

What is Honey?

Basically, it does all the searching, finding and testing voucher codes for you directly on the website.

Not only does it try all the voucher codes it finds littered throughout the web, but also tries voucher codes submitted by other Honey members as well as special Honey-exclusive offers.

All this is done automatically in the background so you can continue doing the much more fun activity of deciding what to buy next.

How do I do it?

Simply install one of the browser extensions they have available – at DPS we’re using Chrome – and it’ll sit in your toolbar at the top right of the screen ready to highlight shopping offers to you as well as providing a handy little interface that you can click on to reveal their current top offers.

In many ways, it works familiar to the similar TopCashback extension and notifier that many members use.

Ready to Save Money?

Great – sign up for Honey now!

Are You A Software Engineer Looking For New Opportunities?

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Are you a software engineer looking for opportunities? Maybe you’re a data scientist, a designer or a product manager looking for something in the Information Techology and Computing sectors?

We know how much of a drag it can be filling out application forms, covering letters and lord knows what else whilst trying to keep up with daily life.

That’s where Hired comes in.

They turn this model upside down. Employers seek you out and apply to you. Interested? Keep on reading below for the full low down on how it works.

Tell Your Story

Showcase your skill set, passions and career aspirations on your personalized Hired profile. We’ll help you make a strong impression and define your role and location preferences.

Customize your profile with photos of your favorite projects, links to personal portfolios, or glowing reviews. It’s always private from past and current employers.

Companies Apply To You

Accept and respond to transparent interview requests from innovative employers for opportunities that match your goals and salary requirements.

Accept interview requests for roles that inspire you — and decline requests with one of our suggested responses to explain why the role isn’t the right fit.

Choose The Right Fit

Compare multiple offers side by side through a streamlined interview process. Accept the opportunity that’s right for you and start your next chapter!

The odds are in your favor: 75% of candidates accept a job offer they receive on Hired!

Still Interested?

Your next dream role could be just around the corner! Head over to Hired now and check them out!

Driving School Websites by DPS Computing

Driving School website - Mobile Driving School
Mobile Driving School

You can get a website from DPS Computing just like Mobile Driving School did!

Get in touch with us and we can get your website off ‘L’ plates in no time at all.

With our unique Website as a Service (WaaS) model there’s no massive upfront fees, no long term contracts and stress free maintenance!

AutoAid Declines Amazon Mastercards

Autoaid Logo

Popular breakdown firm AutoAid continues to decline Amazon Mastercard payments on it’s website for both customers taking out new policies and those renewing.

Frustrated customers report being unable to make payments using the UK issued Mastercard provided by NewDay Ltd despite the firm accepting other Mastercards.

This frustration is nothing new for users of new digital banks such as Monzo who list a number of reasons why their cards can sometimes be declined by merchants. Some of these are unique to the types of cards typically issued by new digital banks that default to online processing, thus causing a delay between approval or declining during which a customer may have walked off. However, we don’t believe this is something that would be affecting the NewDay cards as, unlike Monzo, realtime card data isn’t provided to an app on the customer’s phone.

Source code acceptance, as highlighted by Monzo, also shouldn’t be an issue in this case, as it’s not a bank transfer or direct debit that’s being attempted.

This only leaves out of date BIN tables, but as NewDay was set up five years ago in 2014 and the predecessor to this was Santander Credit Cards formed in 2000, the chances that the BIN tables are so out of date would appear to be very remote.

For now it remains a mystery, but stay tuned for further updates!

DPS Computing has reached out to AutoAid for comment.

Have you had a similar experience? Do you have a theory why the cards are being declined? Let us know in the comments below!

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