GTA V Cop – LSPDFR 2023 – Shift 12

What is it with people nicking my patrol car?! See if you can spot the culprit today as we enter Shift 12 as a GTA V Cop in LSPDFR.

I guess we cannot be too shocked, as we may have ‘borrowed’ a car from a colleague on the odd occasion maybe! But honestly, crime is outta control here in Los Santos!

We’re non-stop callouts on today’s shift including a tasty chase requiring pretty much an entire police force after one guy. PIT denied and for some reason his tyres aren’t deflating. It looks like the Batmobile and he ain’t for stopping!

Join us in Shift 12 to see if we finally manage to get our hands on him as well as dealing with a rather gnarly freeway accident. Oh, and a kidnapping – there’s a kidnapping!

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