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IHD Meter Network Not Connected Status 23-2

Smart meters have had a rough time. They sound great but don’t always turn out to be so great. SMETS2 has been hailed of solving all the problems of SMETS1 but, no matter which...

Wistron Neweb Logo 0

Wistron Neweb COULD Be Your Sky Box

We’re not saying don’t worry at all. But we are saying keep this in perspective. So you’ve just opened up a list of things connected to your route and boom Wistron Neweb is in...

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Rapid Switching Between Twitter Accounts

A lot of people have multiple Twitter accounts out there. Mostly noble albeit some nefarious reasons why! A common use case is that your responsible for a business or professional Twitter account as well...


Huel – Where’s My Discount Gone?!

So, you’ve got a discount code for Huel. Huel is a favourite of techies. Maybe you’ve referred a friend? Shameless plug: Huel is great, you should really get it. Head over using my special...


How Do I Update Windows?

Like any software, operating systems need updates to ensure that they’re in tip-top condition. These days, during the Internet age, and with an ever increasing number of cybersecurity threats it’s now more important than...