Star Trek RESURGENCE – A United Front – Mission 43

A United Front is what you need in a time of crisis. Can Jara rely not only on the crew of the Resolute, but also Riker’s Titan and the rest of the fleet sent to help take down the Alphelion?

Will Carter and Edisilar be able to work out a way to break the Cartabula in time? Has Carter already ran out of time after being bioformed? Is he now just a regular ol’ Scion of the Flame? And, if he is, what danger is Edsilar and Arminta now in?

There’s more questions than answers at this stage but as the fleet starts to fracture, can Captain Rydek hold them all together in their hour of need?

Find out with us in A United Front – Mission 43 on Star Trek RESURGENCE.

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