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Nominet Restores Coronavirus Community

Following 24 hours of dialogue with Coronavirus Community, DPS Computing can confirm the restrictions relating to the domain name have been released with the new community forum now back up and running again. As...

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Codeigniter is DOWN! – Breaking News

Popular PHP web framework Codeigniter seems to be the latest victim in websites going down with it’s homepage saying that ‘they seem to have hit a snag’. It is unknown at the moment whether...


Coronavirus – 5 Toilet Rolls You Can Get NOW!

The shelves have literally been wiped clean (pardon the pun). The current Coronavirus outbreak – COVID-19 – is putting strains on supply chains. Despite Government and retailers rushing out to say “there’s no need...

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Sky Raise Prices Inflation-Busting 9%

No one likes a price rise. But in recent years, inflation-busting price rises have started to become more of a norm than a one-off. It might only end up being a few quid –...

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Teamviewer Mysteriously Disappears for a Day

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that Teamviewer did a disappearing act today. What is Teamviewer? Teamviewer is a popular piece of software that allows you to remotely connect to another computer –...