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Internative Coronavirus Advice from DPS Apps 0

Coronavirus Questions? We’ve Got The Answers!

Got COVID-19 questions? Haven’t we all. The latest app from DPS Computing, now available on DPS Apps, aims to answer some of the most burning Coronavirus questions that you may have – and we’re...

DPS Budget Home Screen 0

DPS Budget Revamp Revealed!

Your favourite budgeting application has had a facelift! Including a new navigation system and a cleaned-up interface, you should not find it easier than ever to navigate and use. If you haven’t done already...


New DPS Apps Website For 2020!

In time for 2020, we’ve launched a revamped version of the DPS Apps website for you to check out. For those who don’t already know, DPS Apps is the sister site to DPS Computing...

DPS Politics - Issues & Stances Dashboard Icon 0

DPS Politics – Party Leaders & Profile Update

You’d have to be living under a rock in the UK to not realise it’s currently election season – and we’re in the final furlong now running up to Election 2019 on Thursday 12th...

DPS Budget 0

DPS Budget Launched!

Need help managing your finances? Want to check how much of a dint Black Friday has put in your plans? Or maybe you’re planning a festive splurge? Then our latest app could be for...

DPS Politics v1.02 Released 0

DPS Politics v1.02 Released

DPS Politics v1.02 has now been launched over at DPS Apps. The latest political simulation and game to drop on the scene has new exciting features and improvements New features in this version include:...

DPS Politics v1.01 Released 0

DPS Politics v1.01 Released

Just a quick note to say that DPS Politics v1.01 has been released including a security update and some bug fixes. Please do let us know if you spot anything out of place or...

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