Coronavirus Questions? We’ve Got The Answers!

Got COVID-19 questions? Haven’t we all. The latest app from DPS Computing, now available on DPS Apps, aims to answer some of the most burning Coronavirus questions that you may have – and we’re adding new answers all the time!

What is Coronavirus?  Answered at DPS Apps

DPS Can I Just? aims to help separate fact from fiction by only including answers and information from reliable sources such as the National Health Service, UK Government and Public Health England, to name a few.

Whilst some answers may have a UK focus, many are applicable no matter where you are in the world.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?  Answered at DPS Apps.

What’s more – it’s completely FREE! Have a go – ask our chatbot the questions you have and find the answers!

Answer not found? Don’t worry, let us know in the comments below as we’re taking user-submitted questions and adding them to the ever-growing database to enable you to digest the increasing and ever-updating guidance from the government and health authorities.

Coronavirus answer not found.

Remember – stay at home, stay safe! Protect the NHS, save lives!

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