DPS Budget Launched!

DPS Budget

Need help managing your finances? Want to check how much of a dint Black Friday has put in your plans? Or maybe you’re planning a festive splurge? Then our latest app could be for you.

DPS Budget lets you plan out your income and expenditure breaking it down into easy to understand figures by:

  • Year
  • Month
  • Week
  • Day
  • Working Day

Tax doesn’t have to be taxing (wait, did the Government use that once?) but calculating it certainly can be! DPS Budget to the rescue – we’ll calculate the Income Tax and National Insurance due (if any) on your income – launched with the updated rates for 2019/20.

Wonder how much your expenses are costing you per day? Enter your figures – whether yearly, monthly etc and DPS Budget will auto calculate this in an easy breakdown so you can understand exactly how much you are spending over a given period, even if you receive your bills less regularly!

Quarterly bills can be shown broken down to monthly costs to allow you to budget. Paid weekly? No problem, enter your monthly bills and it’ll calculate the weekly values!

Head over to DPS Apps now to check out this app as well as others!

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