Incorrect Controller Names Cause CodeIgniter 404s


It’s just a convention, right?


Due to the way Windows and Linux servers treat capital letters, you could be opening yourself up for a world of deployment pain or system moves if you have mixed landscapes.

What’s The Convention?

Capitalise the first letter. All others lowercase.


  1. Home
  2. Aboutus
  3. Mymenus
  4. Contactme

Now, there’s the temptation on two-word controller names to capitalise the first letter of the second word. For example:

  1. AboutUs
  2. ContactUs

I’ll be honest, I’d personally like to do that but… DON’T!

Windows it’ll all be fine. Linux servers will start showing 404 pages. This is certainly a frustrating error to debug and by keeping to the convention of only capitalising the first letter of the controller – no matter how many words are in the controller name – you’ll save yourself a world of pain!

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