IHD Meter Network Not Connected Status 23-2

Geo Trio II IHD Smart Meter

Smart meters have had a rough time. They sound great but don’t always turn out to be so great. SMETS2 has been hailed of solving all the problems of SMETS1 but, no matter which generation smart meter you have, the In Home Display (IHD) seems to cause massive issues whether you’ve had a smart meter just installed or had it a while.

Geo Trio II is a popular brand of IHD that is used by different energy companies when your smart meter is installed. And, unfortunately, no you don’t get a choice about which type of display you get.

There’s nothing more frustrating when the promised technological revolution doesn’t live up to expectatations.

You’ll hear the common advice from most energy suppliers, which is great when it works, less so when it doesn’t. And for errors like Status 23-2: Meter Network Not Connected the usual advice isn’t going to cut it or help.

Standard Advice

  1. Switch it off and on again
  2. Plug it into power (not batteries)
  3. Move it closer to the meter

These are all good things to try, particularly step 1 but I’m sure, if you’re like me, you’ve already done this a bazillion times to no effect.

Detail about Status 23-2 errors

Geo Trio II IHD Smart Meter Error 23-2 Meter not connected

Well, this one is all about your provider and not you.

Meter network not connected

Status 23-2

Connected to the meter network, but not receiving all data. Please wait for service to be restored.

Geo Trio II In-Home Display (IHD) error message

Please wait for the service to be restored. Well you could do, but it likely never will be.

If you’ve recently had a smart meter installed, you may want to wait 24-48 hours. This settling down period can help according to installers and energy companies however, in my case, this hasn’t happened and I’ve not heard of (m)any cases where it has. If this worked for you, drop us a line in the comments below.

Looking to the Geo Trio II user guide, we get a slightly different response:

23, 24, 25Meter network data
Monitor is connected to the meter network, but
not receiving all data. If the problem persists,
contact your utility provider.

What Now?

Contact your utility provider now. This one isn’t going to magically resolve itself. It’s connected to your meter so being close isn’t a problem and it’s ‘working’ so it’s not a problem with the box itself.

Any useful tips to add? Share them or your experiences below.

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James Snelling
1 year ago

Similar issue, but with eon next.
Going through their 1st line support steps, but it’s very disjointed and I don’t expect to see a fix anytime soon.

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