DPS Budget Revamp Revealed!

Your favourite budgeting application has had a facelift! Including a new navigation system and a cleaned-up interface, you should not find it easier than ever to navigate and use.

DPS Budget Feburary 2020 release

If you haven’t done already – sign up, it’s completely free. With the minimal setup, you can quickly work out a budget that keeps you on track. Add your income and expenditure and let DPS Budget work out your monthly, weekly and daily budget and how much you need to save for those big costs such as car insurance.

New Features

This release is jam-packed with new features. New features in this release include:

  • Savings
  • Personal Allowance
  • Student Loans
  • Budget Overview


You can now store your savings accounts within DPS Budget. Feel free to add your data now as more features are on their way to calculate the recommended savings required based on your expenditure and how to make sure your savings stay inflation-beating so that you aren’t losing money!

DPS Budget-  Savings Screen

Personal Allowance

Whilst the default will cater for many, there’s also a number of us who have a different personal allowance to the standard. Whether it’s a tax allowance, overpaid or underpaid tax for the previous year or another reason, there’s plenty of reasons why one or more years might not match the default allowance.

As touted in the previous version as ‘coming soon’, the time is now! Bespoke personal allowances are here:

DPS Budget - Customise your personal allowance

Don’t worry though if you’re on the standard – you don’t have to remember what this is – simply tick the ‘Use Default’ checkbox and DPS Budget will take care of the rest for you!

Student Loans

Love ’em or loathe ’em, there’s many people paying them back at the moment – so we’ve added these to DPS Budget to account for them in your overall budget:

DPS Budget - manage your student loans

Support for Plan 1 is now live with support for Mortgage Style, Plan 2 and Postgraduate Student loans coming soon – watch this space!

If you visit your budget, you’ll be shown your student loan deductions for each Year, Month, Week, Day and Working Day:

DPS Budget - Student Loan Repayments calculated

Budget Overview

Want to see where you are at a glance? Well now you can!

Head over to your budget and a summary is displayed of your current situation at the top. What’s left from your income after all your expenditure has been accounted for:

DPS Budget-  view your overall budget status at a glance

We hope you enjoy the new features. Please tell your friends about us! They’ll thank you for letting them banish that spreadsheet that everyone has for an easy to maintain, available-anywhere budget! No messy formulas to maintain (or whoopsie overwrite!).

Any feedback? New features that you fancy? Let us know in the comments below.


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