DPS Politics Announces Issues & Stances!

New release of DPS Politics – v1.03 – is with us today.

Along with the usual housekeeping a bug fixing, we’ve got a new exciting area of the simulation to bring to you – Issues & Stances!

Issues & Stances

Sure, you might have a party. But where do you stand on these vital issues?

The new Issues section – accessible from the DPS Politics dashboard, lets you declare your position on topics from Brexit to the Monarchy.

More issues will be added soon, but in this initial release you get to tell us:

  • Are you a Europhile or a Eurosceptic?
  • Are you a Royalist or a Republican?
  • Are you Remain or Leave (we’re sure you can guess the context of this!).

Set out your stall now in the latest version of DPS Politics – available now. Registration to this virtual politics simulator is completely FREE! Sign up now!

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