Star Trek Resurgence ENDING – Resolutions – Mission 45

The time has come dear friends for the ENDING of Star Trek Resurgence. What a game! Wondering about how things end? Well, wonder no more!

We get our final update (for now!) from the crew of the USS Resolute in Resolutions – Mission 45 on Star Trek RESURGENCE.

We bid farewell to Carter Diaz and other former comrades lost throughout the battle between Starfleet, the Alydians, the Hotari and the TKon as well as mourning the loss of many more.

But the galaxy is safe and we get a sneak peak into the future intentions of all the characters that remain with us.

It’s been an epic, enjoyable journey and we will cherish every second as, for the final time, we enter Resolutions – Mission 45 on Star Trek RESURGENCE!

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