How to Change the Background in Google Slides

Google Slides is a fantastic PowerPoint alternative for those without access to a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Many features are similar to Microsoft PowerPoint but tend to lurk in different places.

It’s in the ‘Format’ menu right?

Microsoft Office vetrans will be used to selecting a slide and then clicking the ‘Format’ option before selecting ‘Background’ to change the background colour of a slide. However, ‘Background’ in Google Slides has been promoted to it’s own menu.

Any good news?

Two things.

Firstly, the Google Slides background options seamlessly connect to your Google account and other online cloud storage to make it even easier to apply background images to your slides without the hassle of having to download and re-upload everything. The integration into to Google search is also really handy.

Secondly, we’ve created a lovely video tutorial for you so that you can easily learn how to set background colours, background images (from both online and offline sources) as well as basic theming in under 3 minutes.

Become a pro with Google Slides courtesy of our video below.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Happy Monday!

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