The Windows Setting that you MUST check TODAY!

Disabled by default, there is a critical Windows setting that you must check TODAY! 4 minutes of your time now will save you hours, weeks and maybe even months in the future!

You won’t notice that it’s not there until you need it and it’s honestly surprising that Windows doesn’t enable it by default.

The next major surprise is that you get absolutely no warning whatsoever that it is disabled.

The first time you’ll notice it is when disaster strikes – the website you’re visiting does a ‘drive-by’, the app you download is laced with spyware or a nefarious hacker takes over your system and plants some malware on it.

If there is one thing you do today, make sure you check the setting in the video below to ensure that you don’t become the latest victim of data destruction losing irreplaceable files, precious memories and more!

Let us know you’ve checked in the comments below and sleep easier tonight knowing that your files are protected!

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