Star Trek RESURGENCE – Power Play – Mission 39

A Power Play is in motion. With catastrophe engulfing the USS Resolute what can Captain Rydek do to save themselves?

Can she turn on her own crew? Has she been bioformed herself? Is this the endgame that it’s all come down to?

Duvall has long been a supporter of Rydek – but can she keep up this support if it means sacrificing the majority of the USS Resolute crew?

A computer emergency engulfs the USS Resolute just as the Aphelia is starting to use it’s REAL weapons against the very vulnerable USS Resolute due to the shield algorithm hack.

What can Rydek and the crew do to advert two disasters at once – the Resolute being taken over and the Aphelia bearing down with it’s even-more deadly weapons?

Find out with us as we start the Power Play – Mission 39 on Star Trek RESURGENCE!

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