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Make Thunderbird E-mail Signature Appear Below Reply

For some unknown reason (and please do comment below if you know why!) Thunderbird both defaults and recommends e-mail signatures to appear at the very bottom of the e-mail – i.e. below the original e-mail you’re responding to, rather than below your reply.

This seems completely counter intuitive and barmy to me. If you’re feeling the same, then no fear, there is an option that you can change to join the “non-recommended” e-mail signature club.

When in Thunderbird, select the ‘Tools’ menu from the menu bar and select the ‘Account Settings’ option:

Tools -> Account Settings

Navigate to your account in the left hand side list and select the ‘Composition & Addressing’ option:

Account -> Composition & Addressing

Under ‘Composition’ you will notice an option – ‘and place my signature’:

Composition -> ‘and place my signature’

Here’s the ‘below the quote’ recommended option that selected. Click on the drop down to reveal the other options and select ‘below my reply (above the quote):

‘below my reply (above the quote)’ option

Once selected, hit the ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the screen and now your e-mail signature will appear below your reply rather than below the whole e-mail chain:

Composition & Addressing Preferences in Thunderbird

Universal Credit Scam Hits Dating Apps

Users being enticed in with ‘get money quick’ scam.

Universal Credit Logo

After media outlets broke the details about the Universal credit scam leaving claimants up to £1,500 out of pocket, DPS Computing can exclusively reveal that the brazen scammers have now relocated to popular dating apps, including Grindr, in an attempt to find more people to scam.

Scammers are approaching people online suggesting that they can make £600 to £800 online in a matter of hours as long as you have a passport, driving license and bank card available.

Different stories have been encountered, but the most recent is that they have a contact that works within Job Centre Plus that would open an unspecified account in your name, process back payments and then close the JCP account after the payments had been deposited in your account.

Responding to common privacy fears, the scammers attempt to reassure would be victims by saying that your documents are uploaded directly to a government approved and authorised application and there is no need to pass your details directly to them.

Verifying through the app will avoid any interviews with an adviser at Job Centre Plus according to the scammers.

For facilitating this ‘free money’, the scammers demand 50% or more of the payment as a fee. However, unknowingly the money is likely to have been obtained via a fraudulent benefits claim which will leave the victim potentially thousands of pounds out of pocket as well as collectively costing the tax payer millions.

Despite the growing crisis, the government appears to be completely unable to put a stop to this scam and have today warned victims that they may still have to pay the money claimed back according to the BBC.

DPS Politics v1.02 Released

DPS Politics v1.02 has now been launched over at DPS Apps. The latest political simulation and game to drop on the scene has new exciting features and improvements

New features in this version include:

  • Joining a political party – not only can you view information about your favourite (or not-so-favourite!) political party but you can now also declare you allegiance and sign up as a virtual member in DPS Politics.
  • My Profile – your profile section has been spruced up a bit to include your party details, or, if you are currently without a party, declare that you are currently independent.
  • New political parties added – joining the Labour and Conservative parties in DPS Politics we now also have the Liberal Democracts, the Green Party and the Brexit Party.

Enjoy! And please let us know your comments below!

What is .well-known?

Comodo SSL Certificate logoIronically, not that well known – even among technies!

You’ve seen it in cPanel and you’re wondering what this new folder is. “Well known you say – certainly isn’t to me!”. As already mentioned you’re far from alone.

But have I…?

No, you’ve not. The first question you want in answering is, ‘have I been hacked’. All security-conscious website owners these days ask the very same question when random files and folders appear on their hosting area – and if they’re not, they should be!

On the contrary, having this folder is a demonstration of the fact that you are security conscious and you care about your visitors!

The reason you have your not-so-well-known well-known folder is because you are using the Comodo AutoSSL feature – a nifty little tool for effortlessly managing your websites SSL certificate. Comodo AutoSSL places text files in here that are used to validate the domain.

Why is it doing this?

Comodo AutoSSL is doing this as it uses the text files to validate your domain name. Comodo must validate your domain name prior to issuing it with an SSL certificate.

What should I do with .well-known?

Absolutely nothing. Just leave it there, let Comodo sort out your SSL’s and keep the valid and live a happy and secure web life!