NEW 1.3 Career – PC Building Simulator 2 – Days 8 – 11

Join us as we re-enter Career mode after a little break in PC Building Simulator 2 with the new 1.3 update installed.

We resume our previous career on Day 8 and take you all the way through to day 11 repairing PC’s, performing upgrades as well as restocking the shop.

Will our hefty markups on repaired PC’s pay dividends or will we lose it all as customers snub the exorbitant prices during a cost of living crisis.

We learn some new tricks including OS cloning as well as using the Will It Run app to ensure that the upgrades requested meet the customer’s expectations in terms of the games they want to play.

We’ll see you in the workshop, partner! #pcbuildingsimulator2 #pcbuildingsimulator #pcbs2

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