Make Thunderbird E-mail Signature Appear Below Reply

For some unknown reason (and please do comment below if you know why!) Thunderbird both defaults and recommends e-mail signatures to appear at the very bottom of the e-mail – i.e. below the original e-mail you’re responding to, rather than below your reply.

This seems completely counter intuitive and barmy to me. If you’re feeling the same, then no fear, there is an option that you can change to join the “non-recommended” e-mail signature club.

When in Thunderbird, select the ‘Tools’ menu from the menu bar and select the ‘Account Settings’ option:

Tools -> Account Settings

Navigate to your account in the left hand side list and select the ‘Composition & Addressing’ option:

Account -> Composition & Addressing

Under ‘Composition’ you will notice an option – ‘and place my signature’:

Composition -> ‘and place my signature’

Here’s the ‘below the quote’ recommended option that selected. Click on the drop down to reveal the other options and select ‘below my reply (above the quote):

‘below my reply (above the quote)’ option

Once selected, hit the ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the screen and now your e-mail signature will appear below your reply rather than below the whole e-mail chain:

Composition & Addressing Preferences in Thunderbird

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