Why You Need Malware Protection NOW!

Scroll past, get malware. No one wants that!

Why you need malware protection NOW is one of the top questions I get asked and in this video we demonstrate why you need to take action now. This simply CANNOT wait!

Malware is not a long-distant threat or something that only happens to someone else. It’s a clear and present danger and we demonstrate this visually in this video to emphasise how your machine is so vulnerable at this current point unless you take action to protect it.

We guide you through the types of malware attack happening right this very second in the UK and across the world explaining the different threats that are ongoing, the top targets and crucially, the steps you NEED to take NOW to protect yourself.

Want an up-to-date to the second view of attacks. Check out the live cyber threat map and let us know what you find in the comments below!

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