Democracy 4 – Universal Basic Income (UK)

Following our third term of office, Democracy 4 – Universal Basic Income (UK) charts our historic fourth term of office in the UK. We first implemented a minimal UBI policy in our third term but somewhat stalled after that when we found difficulties closing down some of the legacy benefits that Universal Basic Income was designed to replace.

The main thrust of our fourth term is to see if we can boost UBI but it will be dependent on other factors. The Universal Basic Income policy is not popular with voters – less than one in 10 are in favour. Legacy benefits are still very popular – almost universally accepted.

Is it possible for us to change the post-war consensus in our fourth term or will a policy move so ambitious alienate too many voters and allow the opposition to take power? Is it possible to boost UBI without breaking the bank?

We got the deficit under control, can we continue to do this, pay down the debt and fund this new ambitious policy?

Can we convince the public this is a better way to live?

Only time will tell, come and join us on the journey of our fourth term in office in Democracy 4 – Universal Basic Income (UK)!

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