Democracy 4 – Term 5 Wilderness (UK)

Following on from our fourth term in office, after 20 years(!) in power, is there really anything major left to do in Democracy 4 – Term 5 Wilderness (UK)? Yes! But it’s fair to say that we start off with a little less direction!

We’ve peaked GDP and retain a small surplus but can we make it the first term ever where we eliminated ‘boom and bust’ as Gordon Brown once famously said (before the 2009 financial crisis).

The global economy is not looking great – a feeling we’re used to over the past decade and more. Is it even possible to insulate an entire outward-looking nation against the whims of global production lines and financial services?

Follow us through the wilderness years in Democracy 4 as we continue to take the UK in a new direction.

Universal Basic Income is still a major policy, and now the biggest part of government expenditure but it remains deeply unpopular with the voters.

Will they warm to it over time or will we be forced to choose between returning to the old legacy benefits system or losing the election?

Watch now to find out in our latest Democracy 4 UK video!

Do you also find yourself running out of steam as the terms roll on? Is there such a thing as being too popular in politics? Let us know in the comments below!

P.S. we forgot about the chips!!

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