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Democracy 4+ Mod 0

Democracy 4+ Mod – Democracy 4 UK

We dive back into a festive Democracy 4 flurry with an adventure using the Democracy+ mod. It promises lots of extras including new policies, situations and dilemmas so we’ve decided to give it a...

Democracy 4 - Liberal Drug Laws? (UK) 1

Democracy 4 – Liberal Drug Laws? (UK)

Following on from our fifth term of office(!?), we embark on a historic nowhere-outside-of-dictatorship sixth term. Liberals have often advocated for relaxed drug laws to help reduce crime and redefine it as a health...

Democracy 4 - Tax and Elect? 1

Democracy 4 – Tax and Elect? (UK)

Well, our first attempt at eliminating the structural deficit in the UK didn’t go to plan in Democracy 4 I think it’d be fair to say! It’s a good watch though so make sure...