Democracy 4 – Liberal Drug Laws? (UK)

Following on from our fifth term of office(!?), we embark on a historic nowhere-outside-of-dictatorship sixth term.

Liberals have often advocated for relaxed drug laws to help reduce crime and redefine it as a health issue rather than a criminal justice issue. In our historic sixth term in Democracy 4 – Liberal Drug Laws we look to see what effect it has on the UK.

Will crime really DECREASE? What are the other effects? Is this a potential new revenue stream through taxation? Does legalisation improve health?

Other countries have tried a variety of law changes and only time can tell for some of the effects but with electoral popularity at an all time high, is this simply a bridge too far or does the government retain the faith of the people?

Watch now below to find out in Democracy 4 – Liberal Drug Laws (UK)!

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