5 Apps To Avoid Social Isolation During A Crisis

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There’s no escaping it – novel coronavirus aka Covid 19 – is set to be here for a little while, unfortunately. Those at higher risk of social isolation at the best of times are now even more at risk of that isolation.

But this is where technology can step in to help. Allowing you to check in on people, keep them entertained, laugh along with them whilst still practising social distancing.

1 – Skype

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It’s been around for a while. The go-to live calling messaging and chat app allows you to see your loved ones and friends without visiting them in person.

It’s free to download with apps available for both computers and phones. The popular app, now ran by Microsoft, has sometimes come under fire for shaky quality but by and large is a market leader.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, this app is a versatile platform available no matter what technology you have to hand.

Download Skype now. Free account sign up required (Microsoft account).

Nextdoor logo

2 – Nextdoor

Think localised Facebook. Available on all platforms, this puts you in touch with the community around you and enables you to give and provide support and meet new people online – even if you don’t know them already.

Reach out to a member of your community. Available via web browser on all platforms.

Visit Nextdoor now.

WhatsApp Logo

3 – WhatsApp

A staple for teenagers for years, Whatsapp has grown in popularity and whilst predominantly associated with instant messaging it also does offer call facilities.

Multiple platform including Android and iOS. They even have Mac and PC applications these days too!

Get Whatsapp.

Instagram logo

4 – Instagram

Just want to take your mind off it all? Fed up of the news? A little light relief of looking pictures of what people are having for dinner (or indeed sharing what you’re having!) might be in order.

Great way to keep in touch with family and friends if they’re still out and about. Haven’t shared those holiday snaps for last year yet? Now’s the chance you’ve been waiting for to collate and share with your loved ones! Everyone loves some nice beach snaps to cheer them up.

Available on the web, on Android and iOS.

Download Instagram here.

Facebook messenger logo

5 – Facebook Messenger

Chances are you’ve already curated a large list of family and friends on Facebook. Maybe there’s some uni friends you’ve not spoken to for a while? Or those neighbours that moved away a few years ago? Now’s a great time to redirect.

Although famed for it’s website, the instant messaging app is seemlessly integrated allowing you to reach out in realtimes to all those on your friends list.

Send a message now and check up on how they’re doing!

Available on the web, on Android and iOS.

Download Facebook Messenger.

Any more?

Is there something you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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