Democracy 4 – Nothing to Change? (UK Term 7!)

Following our sixth term in office, Episode 7 in our UK Series 2022 charts what happens when we’ve literally done everything!

That’s what 30 years in power will do to you! We’ve survived longer than any democracy in human history but surely it’s not possible to stay in power when you’ve literally ran out of ideas?

Time to fire up the idea generator! Yes, it does exist! We’re combatting several new situations but at the end of term 6 we were in an extremely healthy economic stage where we managed to start tackling the debt. Can the surpluses keep going forever though? Have we really eliminated boom and bust?

Are we going to ear our words like Gordon Brown? Hopefully not, but there’s only one way to find out – watch the video below!

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[…] on from our seventh term in office, ‘Nothing Has Changed’ becomes our slogan used once bellowed by a bewildered Prime […]

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