Democracy 4 – NOTHING Has Changed!!! (UK – Term 8)

Following on from our seventh term in office, ‘Nothing Has Changed’ becomes our slogan used once bellowed by a bewildered Prime Minister Theresa May during an ill-fated campaign which saw her lose a widely expected majority during one of the longest political campaigns prior to a General Election in UK history.

Has nothing changed? Not quite, but as close as it likely is as we try to enter our fourth decade in power.

In the final part of our Democracy 4 – UK 2022 series what will proceed our curtain call? Well if there was nothing to change in term 7, it certainly didn’t get better come term 8.

40 years of the same government. Surely people understand that there is absolutely nothing left to do? Or, not much we can do until we pay off the debt and then raise spending with the extra money we have.

Will the public pay attention to constant surpluses, a thriving economy and tumbling national debt with world-beating and amazingly funded health, education and public services?

Will the strategy work in Democracy 4? Let’s find out!

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