Democracy 4 – Tax and Elect? (UK)

Well, our first attempt at eliminating the structural deficit in the UK didn’t go to plan in Democracy 4 I think it’d be fair to say! It’s a good watch though so make sure you check it out!

Have we learned from our mistakes though?

Tax and elect? Does it ever work? We know that voters don’t often (read: ever) like tax increases and who can blame them? But with a national debt pile that is bigger than many other actual nations and a deficit that’s constantly adding to it we must break the cycle to be able to fund public services better. Politics is a short term game of five years per parliament – is it worth grasping the nettle for the future good of all.

We think so. We need extra tax, at least initially to give us the money to make real societal change on a scale not attempted since the end of the Second World War. If we follow a strategy of a hike in tax at the beginning of the term, can we possibly turn voter opinion round as the deficit hopefully gets eliminated and the debt starts to tumble? Or will this simply be too much for voters to bear?

With the extra money, we could be free to invest further in long-neglected public services but the reality is, to eliminate the deficit we need to find the best part of an extra £25 BILLION(!?) per quarter. Will citizens be happy to pay much higher taxes to get the economy back on a firm footing?

The benefits of no national debt are way off in the long term – will the government get the support it needs for the project or will it turn out to be a complete disaster (again)? Watch below to find out!

Rate our second attempt at a first term in the comments below!

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[…] on from our first term of office, Democracy 4 – Financial Crisis charts our second term after our initial success where the UK […]

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