Democracy 4 – Binley Mega Chippy (UK)

Yes we did! And no, we’re not sorry!

That’s right, we’ve become the first in the world to add the now-famous Binley Mega Chippy to a game in our EXCLUSIVE mod (ask us nicely, we may share).

Democracy 4 – Binley Mega Chippy (UK) is a WORLD-EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of the first gaming mod created by DPS Computing based upon the definitely-national-soon-to-be-world-famous Binley Mega Chippy featuring the Binley Mega Chippy song at regular intervals. Yes, it is a live performance. No, it might not happy again. So watch the video on repeat to get maximum enjoyment.

If you don’t know what Binley Mega Chippy is, where have you been?

Our unique mod places the important Binley Mega Chippy into Democracy 4.

We have so many questions.

Should we invest public money in Binley Mega Chippy (of course we should!).

Can Binley Mega Chippy single-handedly wipe out the entire deficit of the UK?

Will Binley Mega Chippy win us an actual, real, free and fair bonafide election!? (We hope!).

Join us on the journey of how Binley Mega Chippy can literally change the face of UK politics and the country for ever.

LIKE and SUBSCRIBE over on the ‘Tube for more Democracy 4 and Binley Mega Chippy related videos. Maybe together, maybe not. We’ll gauge it based on your feedback so let us know!

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