Star Trek RESURGENCE – Homecoming – Mission 36

Homecoming has never been so sweet for Diaz and Edsilar – I bet they’d never see the inside of the USS Resolute again! And… maybe they still won’t! After all, they are sealed in an airtight container that, due to it’s size, is probably going to run out of air at some point EXTREMELY soon.

Can the engineers of the Resolute open up the storage container in time?

Fresh from the revelations about Itasca, can the Alydians make peace with this loss? How are the other refuges coping about the Resolute?

Carter and Edsilar sure have a lot to catch up on – including a new captain. But fortunately for them, some things never change – and in their case this means their Vulcan boss Chovak. Surely he’ll be pleased to see them and throw his arms round them?

Join us for another exciting mission – Homecoming – Mission 36 on Star Trek RESURGENCE!

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