Democracy 4 – Wipe Out UK Deficit

Join us on our challenge to wipe out the entire UK deficit. Governments before us have tried – but can we actually achieve it in Democracy 4?

Everyone is aware of the cost of living crisis and the ongoing issues with both deficit and debt in the UK as we start the game with over £20bn deficit each month and a national debt of £1.85tn!

We’re aiming to eliminate the deficit and start paying down the debt. And yes, we know you’ve heard that one before!

Do we succeed? Do we get re-elected? Have you got some better ideas on how we could approach things?

Can we save the economy and wipe out the deficit? The challenge is accepted! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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[…] our first attempt at eliminating the structural deficit in the UK didn’t go to plan in Democracy 4 I think it’d be fair to say! It’s a good watch […]

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