Adding a Receipt Printer to iZettle

If you’re adding (or re-adding) your printer to iZettle, the following instructions should help guide you through the process.

Before Opening the App

Before heading off to the iZettle app, the first thing to ensure is that your printer is switched on! Sounds obvious, but always worth a double check if you’re having problems. Secondly, ensure that the printer and the devices (tablets, mobile phone) etc that you’re using the app on are both connected to the same Wifi network.

Most places will only have one Wifi network but culprits for accidental wifi switching include hotspots such as those provided by BT where you ended up connected to ‘BT-Wifi-with-FON’ (or similar) rather than you’re main BT Wifi connection on the router. Double-check this hasn’t switched over by accident. You may have stored a connection to this or similar in coffee shops, airports etc whilst you were doing something else.

Onto the App

Now the printer’s on, working and connect to the same wifi network, it’s time to configure (or re-configure) the app.

From the iZettle app, head to the settings menu (cog icon):

Once you’ve clicked this icon, you should end up on the ‘Settings’ menu – similar to that shown below. From there, select ‘Printers’ from the menu on the left-hand side:

A list of all the printers you have configured is displayed.

If this is your first time adding a printer or you’re just starting with the app, this list will be empty.

I Have A Non-Working Printer

Changed router or broadband provider recently? Maybe you just rebooted it and it got assigned a new IP address by your router or switch? Either way, that can send things a bit haywire.

The first thing you can do is take a look at the ‘Diagnostics’ tab when you select a printer and view its details:

Still no joy? Time to remove it and we’ll try re-adding it.

All My Printers Aren’t Working

Everything’s gone kaput. You might find it easier to reset your printer settings and start again but pressing the highlighted button below on the Printers menu:

Adding the Printer

From the ‘Printers’ menu, select the ‘Search for Printers’ button:

This should produce a list of all printers that are present on the wifi network allowing you to select and add each one that you would like to configure with the app.

There doesn’t seem to be any specific type of printer that iZettle is limited to – so connecting any network-enabled printer should work but it’s worth noting that in their walkthroughs and tutorials, they do use the example of a thermal printer. Specifically a Star Micronics TSP654ii Thermal Receipt Printer.

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