How to Downgrade MiniTool Movie Maker 5.0 to 4.0

Recently upgraded to MiniTool Movie Maker 5.0 and wish you hadn’t?

You’re not the only one. Version 5.0 tweaks the user interface and doesn’t have any new features but it does introduce a new catastrophic restriction – after the first three videos you can now only export videos up to 2 minutes in length! For most video creators – from enthusiasts to professionals this simply isn’t enough and the only way around this from 5.0 is to subscribe to one of the MiniTool Movie Maker packages which can set you back quite a few dollars.

If you’re yearning for version 4.0 to come back to your machine, follow our handy video guide to uninstall MiniTool Movie Maker 5 below:

Once you’ve done this, download MiniTool Movie Maker 4.0 to head back to the previous trusty version using our handy video guide (skip the part where you’re downloading from the official website – that is now only serving version 5.0!):

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