Jaywalking MADNESS! Police Simulator 9.0.0 – Shift 23

We can guarantee you haven’t seen ANYTHING like this on any Police Simulator: Patrol Officers video before!

Police Simulator 9.0.0 has, overall, been a success – well, after figuring out the slightly complex stacking of charges! Which works great by the way! See the other vids for how to do it on PC.

Getting back to this shift though it is literally jaywalking MADNESS! Have you ever seen a jaywalking conga? Nope?! Well, THIS ONE has to be seen to be believed!

Join us on Shift 23 in high crime Wilcox to discover how to create a jaywalking conga of madness and spot the dude who manages to mess it up with his antics!

See you on the beat, officer!

P.S it’s really Shift 24 – but we’re not splitting hairs!

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