High Crime STACKING! Police Simulator 9.0.0 – Shift 22

Back into Brickston to deal with some high crime stacking charges awesomeness. Well hopefully, as long as we find the multi-criminals of Brighton out there!

Crime is on the up, so we’ve been called in to sort it out once and for all – again. As we enjoy the Police Simulator 9.0.0 update entering Shift 22 of our careers we’re close to achieving our aim of the maximum 30 duty stars throughout the three districts of Brighton. But can we make it?

With traffic stops, random crimes in front of us and a weird view from inside our own mouth, it’s all going on!

Confused by the mouth thing? Well you’ll have to watch to find out!

See you on the streets officer!

And, side note – DOH – we’ve just realised this was really Shift 23 – but we made a mistake. A thousand apologies – but enjoy Shift 22 (2) in any case! 🙂

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