Police STEALING Cars?! – Police Simulator 9.0.0 – Shift 24

How many cars can one officer accidently steal at a traffic stop? See if you can count them all!

We head out into a low crime area with a task to transport and arrest detainees. So after some excitement, imagine our good fortune in being asked to man a traffic stop right outside of the police station!

That’s when things take a sinister turn. Will we lose Conduct Points for stealing cars – even though we’re only stealing them accidently!

There’s also a hit-and-run to contend with – but how can we deal with this?

There’s only one way to find out! Come and join us on patrol in Police Simulator 9.0.0 as we embark on Shift number 24!

P.S. Actually Shift 25 – how long can we keep this up? 😉

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