30 Duty Stars – Police Simulator 9.0.0 – Shift 25

The momentous day has finally arrived. 30 DUTY STARS on Police Simulator 9.0.0 are achieved – the maximum amount available as of Police Simulator 9.0.0.

And what a journey! But our Police Simulator: Patrol Officers journey doesn’t end here. We’re here to continue pounding the mean streets of Brighton and looking after the citizens as we have done in our epic 25 shift career so far.

Ticketing wayward cars, stopping DUI’s in their tracks and getting stuck beyond all belief (and calling in backup to help). We’ve got it all in Shift 25! And it just goes to show, when you’ve lost all hope stuck between a rock and a hard place, the trusty old wreckers of Police Simulator CAN come to your rescue!

Keep an eye out for the eyeballs too. Confused? Watch the full episode to find out more!

Are we 25 and out? Stay around and SUBSCRIBE to find out!

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