SQL Server 2014 Issues? Step This Way

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Configuring servers can be a pain the backside. In fact, it’s one of the things that most frustrates newbies.

If you’re just stepping into the world of SQL Server, or if you’re a seasoned pro encountering a unique situation or unforeseen issues, this week’s free course on Pluralsight may well be the answer to your woes.

It’s well worth noting as well that the course content also, for the most part, relevant to SQL Server 2012 and earlier – just in case you’re maintaining or re-configuring a legacy system.

At only an hour long, it’s hopefully easy enough to fit into even the most hectic of schedules!

The DMV queries covered in the course allow you to both identify the way a system is configured – in the case of maintenance or re-configuration scenarios as well as identify problems in both new and existing environments.

From The Author

It is very common for SQL Server instances to be configured incorrectly in one or more ways, and this often has a detrimental effect on workload performance. This course will describe and demonstrate more than 20 DMV queries you can use to easily examine SQL Server instance configuration information and identify problems. This course is perfect for anyone who is responsible for a SQL Server instance, with most topics also applicable to SQL Server 2012 and earlier versions.

Glenn Berry

Done The Course?

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