cPanel Price Gouge Enrages Hosting Companies

Portrayed as a necessary move by cPanel LLC, the popular control panel provider is now basing prices on user accounts rather than servers. cPanel LLC state that this is due to innovations in hardware leading to high-density servers capable of holding hundreds of accounts. Critics, however, see it as blatant price gouging following a venture capital takeover last year led by Oakley Capital.

cPanel say they’re proud of being transparent about their pricing. Hosting companies are however questioning the move that could add tens of thousands of pounds of costs to some operations.

What’s Changing?

As well as phasing out yearly licences, which will be renewed as monthly licenses upon expiry, the old VPS License and Dedicated License are to be retired.

The actual cost increase will depend on the number of cPanel accounts on each of your servers.

Cloud (formerly VPS) Pricing

If you’re a current cPanel VPS client, your pricing changes will look like this:

Old Price (per month)New Price (per month)
$12.95 to $14.951 Account$15
Up to 5 Accounts$20
Up to 30 Accounts$30
Up to 100 Accounts$45
Additional Accounts over 100$0.20 each

Metal (formerly Dedicated) Pricing

If you’re a current cPanel Dedicated client, your pricing changes will look like this:

Old Price (per month)New Price (per month)
$30.95 to $34.95Up to 100 Accounts$45
Additional Accounts over 100$0.20 each

What’s The Effect?

With the new pricing structure coming into effect at the beginning of September, hosting companies are already advising customers of price increases ranging from a few pounds through to tens of pounds per month.

Is There Anything We Can Do?

Without switching provider, no. As one of the world’s leading control panel providers for web servers, chances are your sites are hosted using this software. Sure there are alternatives, but whether they provide everything you need is another question.

cPanel could, of course, reverse course. Although, despite massive backlash from hosting providers, tech firms and customers alike, they seem to be rock solid on ploughing ahead with the changes.

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