Nominet Restores Coronavirus Community

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Following 24 hours of dialogue with Coronavirus Community, DPS Computing can confirm the restrictions relating to the domain name have been released with the new community forum now back up and running again.

As per our article yesterday, which detailed the takedown of Coronavirus Community by Nominet the domain had been unceremoniously taken down without warning as part of a crackdown on Coronavirus related websites following reports of a number of scams being run from domains containing the word Coronavirus.

Automated checks put in place by Nominet suspended hundreds of websites, including Coronavirus community after the offices shut down on Monday evening – leaving registrants unable to contact Nominet until the next day.

Undoubtedly, we must applaud Nominet for taking swift action against scammers and criminals of all kinds – particularly during the unprecedented crisis that we currently face. Whilst it appears initially that Nominet have managed to take down numerous coronavirus related scam sites (hurray!) unfortunately Coronavirus Community – whose remit is to protect the community from such scams – was caught in the crossfire.

We’re pleased to say, that approximately a day after being taken down, following the submission of numerous pieces of evidence to the Official Registry for UK domain names, as well as continued dialogue, they issued an apology for the case of mistaken identity and immediately restored Coronavirus Community.

In line with media reports yesterday, they did confirm that a large number of similar domain names are being registered for malicious purposes. This makes the continued mission of Coronavirus Community to provide a safe space, particularly for those who are vulnerable or feeling lonely or isolated more important than ever as we seek to protect our communities and each other from those who would wish to harm us.

So don’t forget to come and join the new community. One-click registration and login is available via your existing Facebook account.

Coronavirus Community Forums

DPS Computing’s resolve to support community projects such as this and protect us all is as strong as ever and we will also be busily working away to highlight emerging digital dangers and cyber threats during these difficult times and beyond, as we always have done.

Stay safe people – online and offline.


  • Stay Home
  • Protect the NHS
  • Save Lives

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