AdSense no longer shows YouTube metrics.

Gasp, scary warning message:

AdSense no longer shows YouTube metrics. To see your estimated earnings and other monetisation metrics use the YouTube Analytics Revenue report.

What have I done wrong, I hear you cry! Don’t worry, nothing. Google’s had a play about and decided to separate out earnings from your YouTube channel into a separate area on YouTube.

Has My Data Gone?

No, fear not. But do be aware now, Adsense will no longer list your YouTube earnings – it’s totally separate. But don’t worry, your monetised content will still be making money – as long as you still have viewers of course!

To access the YouTube analytics your used to seeing in Adsense, head over to YouTube Studio. Once you’re there, click on your Channel. Then on the right hand side, click Analytics:

And, hey presto!

To see what you’re usually used to seeing in Adsense, click on the ‘Revenue’ tab:

And there it is! Please note that your YouTube earnings will now be shown separately.

Why have Google done this?

Seems they want to keep the products separate – at least for content creators. You still login to YouTube with your Google account as you have done for a while now since their takeover over YouTube. However, this is seemingly one area that they’ve decided to separate.

But wait! My videos aren’t monetised any more!

Chances are, you’ve not hit the new criteria to monetise your videos, so monetisation, even if enabled previously, may now be disabled.

To be able to monetised your videos on YouTube you need:

  1. 1,000 subscribers
  2. 4000 public watch hours.

What are subscribers and public watch hours?

Subscribers are people who visit your channel page or watch one of your videos and hit the ‘Subscribe’ button.

Public watch hours are basically the amount of time people have spent watching your publicly viewable videos. Private and unlisted videos don’t count.

Wow, that’s a lot of subscribers and hours!

Indeed. The best way to meet your targets is to create, great original content. Just one viral video could see you hit those dizzying heights before you know it!

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