Why Did Google Purchase Motorolla Mobile?

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Google LogoThe recent acquisition by Google of Motorolla Mobile has been questioned by many people as a very dubious piece of business.  In justifying the acquisition of the mobile handset making division of Motorolla, Larry Page, Googles co-founder and CEO said: “Motorola has a history of over 80 years of innovation in communications technology and products, and in the development of intellectual property, which have helped drive the remarkable revolution in mobile computing we are all enjoying today. Its many industry milestones include the introduction of the world’s first portable cellphone nearly 30 years ago, and the StarTAC – the smallest and lightest phone on Earth at time of launch.” All of which is true, but is also ancient history. He went on to point out that Motorola had bet its ranch on Google’s Android operating system for mobile devices and that this implied “a natural fit between our two companies. Together, we will create amazing user experiences that supercharge the entire Android ecosystem for the benefit of consumers, partners and developers everywhere.”

The Guardian has written an article on the subject to try and shed some light on the situation.  A serious piece of business or have Google got an ulterior motive?

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Ben Stones
11 years ago

It’s obvious they primarily did it for their patents. Google needs to be legally powerful enough to fend off other companies from suing them. Instead they would probably want to come to an agreement because if you think about it, if they sued Google, Google will slap them back with a zillion other patent violations on their side.

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