Google To Map The Amazon Rainforest

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Google LogoThe latest addition to the Google Street View is set to be the Amazon rainforest.  This is the set to be the latest in an ever growing line of daring mappings which already include Antarctica, the grounds of the historic Bletchley Park and some of the UK’s most popular landmarks and tourist attractions.

The first piece expected to be uploaded to Google Street View is a 50km stretch of the Rio Negro river.

For this new adventure Google have ditched the usual Street View Car in favour of a Street View Trike.  Google have said that it will be pedaled “along the narrow dirt paths of the Amazon villages and manoeuvre[d] up close to where civilization meets the rainforest”.

After the initial sweep of the area is completed by the Google Street View team, they are hoping to leave some of the technology used behind and train a local organisation, Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon, to use the equipment to allow them to keep the Google Street View imagery  and information up to date.

Google added: “By teaching locals how to operate these tools, they can continue sharing their points of view, culture and ways of life with audiences across the globe”.

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