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Spam E-mail Example - Viagra

Anyone who uses the Internet will be used to spam, far too used to it in many cases.  There seems to be a never ending attack on our inboxes with unsolicited emails.  However, spammers are getting more clever, attempting to deceive people into believing that the spam they are sending isn’t actually spam at all.

In light of this, DPS Computing Limited is launching a new service called Spampository.  Inside Spampository we are going to collect spam e-mails along with our analysis of these e-mails.  Where relevant, we will also include a screenshot of the spam e-mail so that you know what a typical sample of it looks like – for example, if they’ve copied a template from an official website in an attempt to deceive recipients.

We hope this will benefit many of our readers and members as well as people on the Internet in general.  We will collect suspected spam, analyse it and offer advice.  If you receive a spam e-mail you will be able to check it against the entries in the Spampository and see if we have a record of it and then, using the information and analysis we provide, you can have assistance in deciding whether the e-mail is spam or not.

Some spam e-mails now contain personalised information to make the e-mail seem legitimate and spamming inboxes can be so lucrative for some criminal organisations that they will actually employ people to create spam to fool spam filters, and sometimes the email recipient.

The Spampository entries will feature on the DPS Computing blog (here!) – but don’t worry, we’re excluding the entries from the blog homepage so that it doesn’t clog up the blog!  To view the Spampository entries simply click on the ‘Spampository’ category on the right hand side of the page.

Unfortunately, many people still fall for, what can sometimes be, extremely convincing spam e-mails.  Our aim with Spampository is to help the fight against spammers and to offer professional advice to our members, readers and Internet users in general.

If you have any spam e-mail that we haven’t contained in our Spampository and you would like us to feature it in there, then feel free to forward it to us at – we’ll try to feature as many as we possibly can!

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