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Spampository – Entry – 000001

E-mail Details

From:  Order <>
Subject: Re:
Date Received: 01/01/2001 (FAKE)


== Best Products ==

Vigra ** 0.74$

Levira ** 1.80$

Cilias ** 1.67$

Female_Vigra ** 1.59$

Family Pack ** 2$

Professional Pack ** 3.43$

and much more ...



## Lowest prices
## Best quality
## F.D.A recommended
## Official distributors
## Worldwide trackable shipping
## Gifts and discounts
## 1 day fast delivery for US customers.



Spam Topic:
  • Medicine
URLs Implicated:
  • mediceart[dot]ru
  • sabadelluniversitat[dot]org

Spam Warning Signs

  • Advertising medication.
  • Not personally addressed.
  • Generic unsolicited advertising.
  • Invalid (forged) received date.  Actually received August 2012.
  • The URLs being linked to in the e-mail do not match the domain name URL from which the e-mail was sent.
  • .ru domain names are well known to be used by spammers.
  • The subject of the e-mail is of a spammy nature.
  • Possibly forged ‘from’ address.


This is a very typical and easy to spot spam e-mail.  All e-mails offering to sell medication over the Internet, and in most cases, advertising ‘without prescription’ are fake.  There are numerous different ways in which spammers implement these types of scams.

Firstly, it might be to collect your information for the purposes of identity fraud.  In this case, you won’t receive anything that you ‘order’.

Secondly, the may be hoping that you click on the link which may be a website infected with malware or other undesirable things – such as lots of advertising.

Thirdly, they may send you products, in this case medicines, when you order however these are all but assured to be fakes and of questionable quality.  They may be cut with other cheap ‘ingredients’ or be a completely different medication which can result in serious side effects.

All medication sold online in this manner will be fake.  The links in this e-mail should not be followed and the website mediceart[dot]ru should not be trusted.

The ‘from’ address is likely to have been spoofed, using a .org name in an attempt to give it more credibility.

Many spammers / scammer choose to use .ru domain names when committing these types of scams.

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