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Spampository – Entry – 000002

E-mail Details

From:  Canadiana Pharamcy s.kwzchqn[at]yahoo[dot]com
Subject: Viagra+Viagra Super Active(Free) – SUPER DISCOUNTS
Date Received: 08/01/2002 (FAKE)


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This pack includes 90 pills of Viagra(generic) 100mg and 
60 pills Viagra Super Acftive 100mg which you receive absolutely Free!
Due to technical problems at the bank all orders made from 21 August 2012 
to 27 August 2012 will be processed on 1 September 2012
. We will add 50% MORE PILLS to every product ordered. 
For example: for the order of 120 pills you will get 60 pills more, means
 180 pills in the total. Please accept our apologize for the inconveniences.



Spam Topic:
  • Medicine
URLs Implicated:
  • med-blue[dot]ru

Spam Warning Signs

  • Advertising medication.
  • Not personally addressed.
  • Generic unsolicited advertising.
  • Invalid (forged) received date.  Actually received August 2012.
  • The URLs being linked to in the e-mail do not match the domain name URL from which the e-mail was sent.
  • .ru domain names are well known to be used by spammers.
  • The subject of the e-mail is of a spammy nature – the use of the word viagra being a classic example.
  • A free e-mail address (Yahoo) has been used.
  • No reputable pharmacy would be advertising in such a way.
  • No reputable pharmacy would be using a free Yahoo e-mail account.
  • Poor spelling and grammar.
  • Broken English.


Well, well, well.  We’ve got another e-mail advertising medication again.  And surprise surprise, Viagra is the focus again!  The warning signs in this e-mail are just screaming out.  Now, where to start.

It’s not personally adressed neither does it contain any specific information relating to yourself.  It just a generic advertising for ‘Viagra’ – and we put it in quotation marks as the tablets that are sent out are more likely to contain washing powder than what should be in Viagra!

Again, another classic sign – the domains they are linking to within the body of the e-mail don’t match the senders e-mail address.  The senders e-mail address is a free Yahoo e-mail address (again, another warning sign) and the domain being linked to is a .ru name, which is fairly popular with spammers.

Remember, no reputable pharmacy is going to advertise like this and they most certainly won’t be using a free e-mail address.  Anything you order, if indeed you do receive anything, isn’t going to be what you think it is.  And in all probability, they’re probably looking for your personal information to commit identity theft or run up a bill on your card.

Also, even though we’re UK based, the spam itself is obviously targeted at the US market.  The spammers are likely using a crude system where they assume a ‘.com’ is based in the US.

Don’t buy medication online!!

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