WHM – Protect Your Hosting Accounts From Spam

We all get spam. It’s very annoying, and ever increasingly time consuming. Particularly if you’re a reseller, you’ll probably have realised now that your customers depend on you to look after them and look to you for advice on how to configure their hosting accounts to best protect them.

Here’s a quick and simple way to protect your users (and yourself!) from a deluge of spam.

In WHM, head to the ‘Exim Configuration Manager’ under Service Configuration:

Then scroll down to the Apache SpamAssassin Options – here you’ll find the top option is to switch on SpamAssassin globally (without the option for users to turn it on). By default, a spam score of 5 or more (balanced between aggressive and loose spam identification scores) will result in a ‘SPAM’ heading being added to the e-mail.

This then allows an e-mail filter to be easily set up to allow users to easily dump spam in their trash without having to read it for themselves!

DPS Computing – Things Are About To Change…

DPS Computing

Firstly, apologies for the lack of recent updates to the blog – we’ve been quite busy!

Now, onto the main news for the moment.  Things are changing here at DPS Computing.  As director of DPS Computing Limited I have decided to revert DPS Computing back to a sole trader business.

The effects to our clients and visitors should be minimal, if anything at all.  DPS Computing is still going to provide the same services that it provides at the moment (including the blog).  The only change is that we are once more going to be trading as an independent trader as opposed to a limited company.

There are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, due to external opportunities that became available to myself, I am no longer able to put in full time hours at DPS Computing.  However, I am still involved in DPS Computing and working on its different products and services.  Any changes to products and services will be communicated via the website and directly to any current clients of our products or services.

Secondly, due to the fact that I am no longer working full time at DPS Computing, I want all the time that I put into DPS to be spent developing products and services, maintaining and supporting them, answering customer queries and providing a good quality service.  If I continued to run DPS as a limited company then a significant proportion of time would be taken by admin, taking away from the actual products and services that we provide.  Bearing this in mind, as I am not working full time at DPS Computing, becoming an independent trader once more will allow DPS to provide you with better products and services.

Thirdly, we will be able to streamline our business model for the benefit of our customers.

In conclusion, DPS Computing Limited is undergoing transition back to DPS Computing.  However, we’re still going to be here! (just like we were when we made the transition to a limited company).

You may notice changes to the website over the coming weeks and months due to the transition.  If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact me.

I’d personally like to thank all our current clients, members and visitors for their continuing support and I hope that I can rely on your continuing support.

Thanks for your understanding and support!

David Smith.
Managing Director.
DPS Computing Limited

5 Years Paid Web Hosting For Your Website….. For FREE?!

DPS Computing

Yes, that’s right, you’re not seeing things.  You are now able to get 5 years paid web hosting at the fantastic price of completely free!

DPS Computing Limited is proud to announce, in a groundbreaking move, that it is offering 5 years on our quality web hosting service for completely free with any orders of our ‘Standard Website’ web design package (or equivalent or above).

Web Servers - Author: Widjaya Ivan (CC)There are numerous components that need to be put together for your own or your company’s website.  Two of the vital components are web design and web hosting.  Without web hosting, there is no way for anyone to access your website.

This fantastic offer means that for 5 years your website can be seen online using a web hosting package that is provided completely free of charge!

You can enjoy an already fantastic range of standard and additional features included with DPS Computing’s Linux web hosting packages without having to worry about any additional expense.

This offer alone will save you at least £125 off the current web hosting prices with a package that has a recommended retail price of £666 over 5 years!

cPanel LogoThe Linux web hosting packages offered by DPS Computing Limited come with the industry leading cPanel control panel software to allow you to easily control every aspect of your website and its management with an easy to use graphical user interface.

And that’s not all.  You also get access to Softaculous – software which will automatically install over 270 scripts to your website in a matter of minutes with no technical knowledge required!  This allows you to improve and extend your own website as you wish with minimal effort – including adding a blog or content management system to your website.

For a full list of features of our Linux web hosting packages see here and here.

With this move, DPS Computing Limited becomes the first company in the world to offer 5 years free web hosting with its web design packages.

Industry Leading 45 Day Money Back Guarantee With DPS Web Hosting

DPS Computing

DPS Computing Limited has announced its new 45 Day, no quibble, no questions asked, money back guarantee which applies to all web hosting packages offered by DPS Computing.

The 45 day money back guarantee is industry leading – offering 50% extra risk free time to evaluate your web hosting purchase when compared with the industry standard.

David Smith, Managing Director of DPS Computing Limited, stated: “We are always looking for ways to improve the experience for all of our customers.  The new 45 day money back guarantee that we are offering on all of our web hosting packages further asserts our commitment to providing the ultimate web hosting experience.  By offering one of the most flexible money back guarantees, along with 50% extra time for our customers to evaluate their packages, when compared with the industry standard, we are extremely confident that this can ensure a risk free period of web hosting for our customers to put their web hosting packages to the test.  The 45 day money back guarantee shows how confident we are in the quality and value-for-money offered by our web hosting packages”.

Why DPS Computing Web Hosting?

Web Servers - Author: Widjaya Ivan (CC)This guarantee is in addition to some excellent, unique features including discounted support for the ColdFusion language, CFML as well as free weekly account backups – which usually retail at £50/year.

In addition, all of DPS Computing’s web hosting packages are on cloud based servers – offering the ultimate in reliability, resources and security.  Cloud based web hosting is usually charged as a premium feature with the majority of web hosts, however DPS Computing includes this as standard.

Everything you’d expect is also part of each packages, including free technical support, 24×7 server monitoring and no contracts or minimum terms!

DPS Computing is offering a wide range of web hosting packages, all cloud based for ultimate reliability and performance, starting from just £25/year.