Testing with Fixie .NET – Free Course

Testing is by far and away one of the most important processes in any software development lifecycle. Therefore, as a developer, by extension, finding the right testing framework is right.

This week, Pluralsight is offering a free course on the Fixie Testing framework.

Fixie aims to create less cluttered and more customisable test code within a convention based framework.

What’s The Course About?

Well, apart from saying ‘it’s Fixie’, the author, Jason Roberts adds the following, ever-so-slightly more detailed description!

The Fixie testing framework differs from other testing frameworks in that it is based on conventions. This means we can write test classes and test methods without needing to repeatedly apply attributes, as with other testing frameworks. Fixie comes with a set of default conventions to get up and running quickly and also allows the creation of custom convention to control test discovery, test execution, and the creation of data driven tests.

Jason Roberts


Ready to get going? Great. Head over to Pluralsight now and enjoy the course! Registration is free.

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